• ID card or passport
  • Driver’s license B1 (minimum 23 years and two years old)
  • A credit card to pay the bail.


  • The bail is a deposit that in RENT PURA VIDA we charge before starting the trip in anticipation of damages or extra charges.
  • The amount of the bail amounts to 800 € , and has to be paid by credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD) when picking up your Motorhome.
  • In case that at the moment of the return of the Motorhome there are no additional charges, the amount of the deposit will be refunded on the same card.


  • To confirm the reservation must be paid 30% of the total amount of the rent.If unforeseen reasons we can not provide a motorhome, we will refund all the money.


  • You can modify or extend dates as long as there is availability of Motorhomes. You must request authorization from RENT PURA VIDA.


  • In case of cancellation, 30% of the deposit will be refunded integrated provided it is made at least 6 weeks in advance. From 3 to 6 weeks 50% will be refunded If you comunicate 3 weeks before of the departure, no refund will be carried out.
  • Cancellations must be made by email. The day that Rent Pura Vida receives this cancellation will be the date used to calculate the percentage of the deposit that will be returned.


  • The revised and clean motorhomes are delivered for your enjoyment, with the oil tank and full water.
  •  Together with the motorhome will be given a manual of instructions for its correct operation.
  • You will have a contact telephone from 9 a 23h to clarify any doubt or eventuality during your trip.


  • The non-return of the full tank of oil, will incur a charge of 2.20 €/Liter
  • The Motorhome has to be returned with greywater and toilet tanks empty and clean. Otherwise an extra charge of 120€ will be charged, as a cleaning fee, to be deducted from the bail.
  • The price of the rent will be charged triple the additional day to the agreed
  • The user will be responsible for any penalty or fine..
  • The loss of keys or documentation will cost 500 €.


  • in case of a 3-4 days rental contract, mileage is limited to 300kms for night.
  • In case of exceeding this mileage a surcharge of 0.30 € per additional kilometer will be charged.
  • For contracts of 5 days or more, mileage is unlimited


  • Covered parking, free and guarded for our clients. RENT PURA VIDA does not take care of possible damages or theft during the stay of the same.


  • Full insurance with a franchise of 800 €.
  • Medical and health care.
  • The insurance does not cover the loss or theft of your personal belongings. If you wish, you can take out personal travel insurance.
  • Assistance on the road 24h.
  • Summary of travel assistance guarantees here .

The fact of renting a motorhome in Rent Pura Vida, supposes the full acceptance of these conditions. The present conditions are only an extract, being for all effects only valid those that are signed in the corresponding contract of rent.